Is Phi Beta Lambda Right for you?

PBL is an organization that help students transition into the business world. It is the largest student-run organization and one of the largest business-related organizations.

PBL's purpose is to bring business and education together in a positive working realtionship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

What to Expect...

When you join PBL, expect to participate and be fully invovled in the club. You will participate in both fundraising events and goup community service.

PBL is unique in that it offers a chance to develop your resume and business relations through competitive business competitions held at a national level. The FBLA-PBL recognized competitions reward students who exemplify excellence in a broad range of business and career- related areas. These competitions can be completed as an individual, a team, and a chapter. Events focus on skills useful in leaderhsip and career development. Chapter events recognize overall achievement and performance in chapter managment and growth.

A Note From A Fellow Student

Don't be afraid to get involved, there is a lot of support in the group, and it is well oganized so you won't be overwhelmed. As for the competitions, you don't have to participate but it is greatly encouraged! We fundraise to minimize costs and hopefully have competition participants travel for free. And don't worry about the topics, there are so many! Plus, you don't have to know any material to join in, do it for the experience!

Website Last update: 10/10/16